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Technology meets convenience with this Fidlock SNAP 20 buckle. The one-of-a-kind fastening Fidlock concept ensures a strong and secure closure of the buckle. Designed for strapping and webbing of a 3/4 inch width, easily add this buckle to your strap projects. The magnets within this side sliding buckle lock to one another to create a strong bond that will not release until pressure is applied to one side. Once secured, the buckle will remain fastened. When you're ready for removal, simply slide one side of the buckle perpendicular; sliding each piece in opposing directions. Differing from conventional buckles, there are no side release buttons and it relies on a lateral slide release to open. The slide release feature is quick and easy to use.
The SNAP 20 buckle clicks together using strong magnets built inside both the male and female parts of the buckle. With very little effort, the buckle can be closed and secured easily. Whether you are unable to see in the dark or you are using bulky gloves, you will easily be able to attach this buckle. Versatile in utility, this quick release buckle is great for projects that are tactical in nature. Great for backpacks, breast belts, tactical gear, helmet straps, or men's heavy duty belts. Create military style clothing and belts with a rugged edge that will last throughout the duration of use with this matte, black buckle. They are known for their convenient quick release feature and can be used for a multitude of applications. Buckles, d rings, triglides etc. are sized by the webbing or straps they are meant to be used with. These are meant for use with 3/4 inch webbing and/or straps.

10-3/4 Inch Fidlock® Snap Buckle

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