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Single-sided safety cutter easily cuts and opens boxes, mailing labels, packing slips, strapping, tape, and shrink wrap. Safe, efficient, and easy-to-use cutter has soft touch handle to reduce hand fatigue and stress. Heavy-duty blade is recessed to prevent contact with fingers and hands while also preventing contact with contents, reducing product damage. Metal tape splitter provides greater versatility and extends the life of the blade. Release button on handle makes changing blades quick and easy. Replacement blades are sold separately, key " Safety Cutting Head, Carbon Steel, Pk 12" into Amazon search bar.Dual Action Skincare: Cleanse and Moisturize in One Step
Our new formula includes more essential oils such as lavender and rose, which not only clean the skin but also moisturize it. The all-natural formula effectively stops itching and burning caused by Athlete's Foot. These wipes make it easy to nourish and repair cracked feet.
Nature's Defense: Antifungal and Antibacterial Wipes for Clean and Healthy Skin
The unique formulation of pHeet foot wipes allows for a natural and effective cleanse against bacteria and fungus, while also helping to restore the skin's natural moisture barrier and hydration.
Elevate Your Hygiene: The Must-Have Daily Cleaning Solution
Achieve a refreshing and clean feeling all over with these disposable antifungal wipes. They can also be used for cleaning your face and body.
On-the-Go Cleanliness: Portable and Convenient
These essential wipes come in special packaging for easy dispensing and can be conveniently stored in a bag, purse, car, or drawer, making them accessible for use during travel, at the gym, work, or at home.
Recommended Use
For best results, use pHeet foot wipes at night by applying them in circular motions to all areas of the feet, including the heels, soles, in between toes, and toenails. These wipes also provide relief for itchy, dry skin. Experience visible improvement within days of regular use.
pH Select's pHeet foot wipes are the perfect solution for keeping your feet refreshed and moisturized. Try them today and experience the difference they can make in the health and appearance of your feet!

Klever XChange, Box Cutter, Safety Cutter, Utility Knife, Safety Knife

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