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The Firebird FH31 Model immediately attracts attention with its design, and the connoisseurs of quality knives highly praise its performance. This knife is recommended for trips to nature, as well as auxiliary use in urban environments. It will be useful to perform almost any work, which means that it is the best fit for tourists, fishermen, athletes and all other active people. The blade for this model is made of popular steel with high carbon content – D2. This stainless alloy, the corrosion resistance of which is increased by the addition of chromium and nickel. Its hardness is 60 HRC and the steel holds an edge well.
The shape of the blade is Wharncliffe. The knife has a perfectly plain and smoothly sharpened cutting edge. Two-thirds of the butt length, starting from the handle of the knife, also made almost straight, but then a sharp descent to the edge of the knife is made. At this part of the blade, there is a false edge. The blade size of Firebird FH31 model is 86 mm in length. The thickness of the blade reaches 3 mm. At the final stage, the knife blade is polished by satin. After such a procedure, there are small transverse notches on the surface of the metal, which do not affect the smoothness of the blade, but make small scuffs almost invisible.
The handle of this knife is made of a very durable composite material called G10. It is stronger than usual plastic, although it looks like it. This material does not fade in the sun, is not susceptible to water, can withstand severe mechanical stress. The surface of the handle is specially made textured so that the knife does not slip in the palms. The form is ergonomic and allows you to work comfortably with a knife even for a long time. At the end of the handle, there are special holes in which the owner of the knives can thread lanyard. Also, there is a metal clip attached to the handle. It can be moved to the back of the handle, if necessary.

Firebird GANZO FH31 Pocket Folding Knife Wharncliffe D2

$35.05 Regular Price
$29.79Sale Price
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